Dreams, art, peace, friendship, emotions... Everytime is like the first one... New names in my mind, new faces in my eyes, new voices in my ears, new skins under my hands, new feelings in my heart, new lives in my soul. "Make Art no Hate"- "Make pARTy no hate"- "Make heART no hate", because hate can be defeated with love! My comfort zone is everyday bigger than the previous one, also thanks to our project in Cluj. "Happiness is real only when shared."
Nicky / Italy
The friendships built, the jokes made, the games played, the learning done, the secrets told, the love shared. Those few days in Romania left an impact on my life which I’ll surely never forget. If I had a chance to go back in time and do it all over again, I won’t probably change anything. It was that awesome!
Zain / Italy
What a Great experience! I really had a good time in Cluj with the stuff and the other guys. The topics of the project had been discussed in ways that always made us think and exit from our "comfort zone". Thanks Georgiana/Ina/Max, remember to drink water!
Giuseppe R. / Italy
The best experience of my life. I found out i can do a lot of stuffs on my own, met a lot of good people who made me feel alive and proud to be a citizen of this weird world ? i hope to do something else like this project,to improve myself more and more.
Sofia / Italy
I've listened and read many times this kind of experiences from friends or blogger and I've always tried to imagine how it could be... but i could not imagine all the fun, all the experiences, all the game, all the "pasta night" we've done at 2 o'clock in the morning, when hungry and tired people tried to write italian words, listened in the morning on an unaware melon. nothing of it i could imagine, if not living it.
Doriana / Italy
One of the most beautiful experience a man could achieve, in this life. In a week, my mind was fulfilled of traditions, words and points of view of people from foreign countries. In the end, was also incredible to discover how much we people had in common. For the future, i'm pretty sure that i will look for a project like this
Giuseppe S / Italy
Make Art, No Hate was one of the best projects I had the chance to participate in. I enjoyed every moment of it, from beginning to end. The work was hard, the playing was intense, sleep was short, and connections were fast, days unforgettable. People were curious and motivated to do creative things. Most of the other participants didn’t get to do that in a long time or they never tried it. Once they got into the game, they were all in. I made a few good friends here, and found out surprising stories from the rest of them. The project was a good learning process. I think the main results I got from it are these: -it made me more aware of the many ethic problems involving human rights around the world and more committed to actively doing something against hate speech; -how to better structure my working habits and take time to evaluate the processes systematically. -digital media is a very important part of our lives and I will use it more wisely Also, for the future, I promised myself to keep doing art that has a message attached to it as a big part of my life, to volunteer and help my community and involve myself in learning processes constantly.
Irina / Romania
Project Make Art No Hate, was my best experience so far. I met awesome people, and also I learnt a lot of things about hate speech, human rights and how to be communicative. The reason why I went to this project was, that I wanted to meet new people from different countries and also I wanted to get to know myself. Next reason was that I want to travel more, and I have never been in Romania so I was very exicted about it, when Georgiana told me about the call. People in Cluj were very nice and communicative, we could chat with them about everything especially about situation on our world. We did awesome workshops, where people can ask us about our country, problems in our country or just chat with us. We saw beauty of Romanian nature. Also my English is much better than it was before the project. Organizers of this project were really patient with us and they made considerable efforts to create this project. They prepared awesome schelude for us that everyone enjoyed. Food in Romania was good :D, I live in Czech Repulic and we have different food and tastes than Romania. We ate lot of soups and cabbage. One time I thought that Romanias, only live from cabbage. 😀 The Hostel where we slept was very cosy also It looked like a family house. There was very homey enviroment. From my point of view I could live there for a few months. 😀 If I would sum it up It‘s one of the best project I ever was on. I must thank the organization and the organizers who did this project. Awesome experience.
Honza / Czech Republic
Make Art, No Hate was a wonderful experience which influenced my life in a positive way. I understood there, that getting out of my comfort zone I’ll be able to learn a lot, so I did, and being there I’ve met great people who became great friends, I’ve learned not just how to paint and play with colours but make a use of the fun I had. Introducing to the society the problems we’ve talked about in the project was the most interesting thing for me because it didn’t just made other people see them but it also made me see how I could try to help next. I am grateful for taking part in Make Art, No Hate and I would love to do it again.
Ana-Vera / Cluj-Napoca, Romania
"Make art no hate", Youth Exchange or project with active young people? It absolutely created the perfect atmosphere for collaboration by uniting members of the participating teams from day one. We managed to remove barriers of nationality between participants, making the “make art no hate” family. A family of which I was part of and who created it posts and banners that have sent messages informing people in society who answered openly to our action. During the project we conducted discussions on actions that can cause hatred between people: guilty pleasures, judgment, personal and cultural filter, etc. After this I started to be more peaceful, calm and attentive to activities in different circles of friends to not create discomfort. With the help of „make art not hate” I managed to get out of my comfort zone in an area beneficial to personal development. All I learned I began to share with friends, colleagues and anyone opened for the topic! No hate, make art it's simple!
D. / Romania
“I am thankful that I could be in a friendly and cozy environment, surrounded by crazy, unique and fun people, and experience Rumanian welcoming nature. Moreover I appreciated and enjoyed the chill learning environment!”
Participant / Latvia